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New Beers To Try This Week

Say hello this week's beers!

Each week, we try to give you a quick and dirty rundown of the newest craft beers on offer here at the King of Prussia Beer Outlet. Here's just a bit of our latest craft beer selection brought to you by our GM, Desmond O'Neil with occasional editorial outbursts courtesy of KOP Beer Outlet's #2 (wo)man in charge, Amber Rambharose.

Licking Hole Creek: Something Hidden #22

This latest offering from Licking Hole Creek out of Goochland, VA (obviously, hilarious to any likeminded 14-year-old) is a juicy IPA described as “orange soda” like. When I tried it, I didn't get much orange soda but rather a more floral taste that was similar to the sensory experience of walking by Teavana in the mall. It was pretty light for a hazy beer but still kept the juicy mouth-watering feel that the style has been known for in recent years. Overall, this was a solid brew that anyone looking for something new from the IPA scene should give try.. Sidebar: It boasts some cool can art which is always appreciated. [Ed. Note: Teavana has trash tea. This beer is better than tea and also that metaphor. Rather, Something Hidden #22 has a super notable floral aroma that doesn't translate into rose water or lavender on the tongue. Imagine instead: tart, balanced hops, and a touch of a chilled glass of well steeped white peony.]

Eight & Sands: Smile Lines

This is the first beer I’ve had from Eight & Sands and I have to say, I was impressed. Big flavors of melon—specifically honeydew—and white grapes had it standing out as a fresh take on an IPA. Since I love seeing less frequently used hops and am personally so over citrus anything, I was really excited to see Smile Lines featuring Hallertau Blanc hops, which imbue beers with white grape and wine qualities, as well as Hüll Melon which add notes honeydew of strawberry. Smile Lines is a great beer for anyone looking to experience some new or lesser used hops and I am definitely excited to see what Eight & Sands does going forward. [Ed. Note: This one tasted like a white wine I'm not rich or Californian enough to enjoy. Pass.]

Photo courtesy of Eight & Sands Beer Company

Eight & Sands: This Beer is Boysen

The second beer I had from Eight & Sands was still a solid beer but not my favorite. I am a huge sour fan but I really prefer a more traditional sour as opposed to kettle sours. More traditional sours are often funky and have a more complex profile than their kettle cousins. Kettle Sours are quicker to make and more tart and acidic. The flavor profile on this one is good and the boysenberry was a good choice. I guess I’m just a snob when it comes to sours and I’d rather have a stronger flavor and more funkiness. I’d recommend this to absolutely anyone who wants a light sour and something that’s not too offensive. I do get a lot of requests for sours like this so come grab some before its gone. [Ed. Note: I DISAGREE WITH DESMOND. Seriously, ignore his sour snobbery and please do make a move on this beer because I am bringing it to every socially-distanced friend occasion this summer. I've struggled to enjoy sour beers—I'm not shy about it. It's not me. It's my palate.—but this one blew me away with its balance of traditional farmyard funk and sweetness. The sweetness is fruity (thanks boysenberries!) but tart and well-balanced throughout each sip. It drinks like a true sour, again that funk is there—but it doesn't overwhelm or overburden the drinker with too much of a sour thing. I'm into it and you should be too.]

Barrier Brewing: Ocean Pocean

Here is this week's real stand out beer for me. I’ve really grown to love Barrier Brewing and I’ve not only not had a bad beer from them, but everything I’ve had I’ve always wanted another.  We just started bringing them into the store and I have a feeling they will quickly become a staple once people give them a shot. Big and tropical, you should 100% grab a four pack while we have a few weeks of summer left. I love the dankness to balance out the sweet tropical flavors and the mouthfeel was on point. With everyone on the East Coast IPA train and New England styles being ripped apart at the seams, it's wonderful to see someone come out with a nice dank NE that reminds me of the good old days of beer. This is a must have for me but be quick because we only have a case and I’ll definitely be recommending it a lot. [Ed. Note: Have you heard? I don't like mosaic hops and have nothing to say here.]

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