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TL;DR Beer Review: Dogfish Head Sunday Feels

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

TL;DR: A well-made introductory sour.

I have a lot of respect for the Dogfish crew and what they’ve done to the craft beer industry. Sunday Feels, a Beermosa style sour isn't my favorite sour beer, but it is a very well-made “introductory sour.” It definitely has potential and I think Dogfish is a great brewery to do a little tweaking, return to the drawing board, and send out a great sour.

Here's what the brewery has to say about it:

AROMA: Fresh peaches, bright citrus, Champagne. FLAVOR: Tart peach, orange, mimosa-esque. MOUTHFEEL: Spritzy, tart and crisp.

Flavor-wise, I would have liked to taste more grape. Personally, I would have preferred some extra grape musk and a little less stone fruit. I also don't get enough of the “champagne” aspect to really consider this anything other than another mediocre sour that delivers on some aspects, but is very forgettable in others. A heavier carbonation could have delivered the bubbly mouthfeel of champagne and I was disappointed by the lack of it.

Sunday Feels is definitely not a bad beer. I could easily put down a six pack of it on a hot day. The 6.5% ABV helps stand it out against some of the other summer sours and fills that specific slot better than yet another lime gose that nobody asked for.

Author: Desmond O'Neil, beer enthusiast and co-manager of KOP Beer Outlet

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