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TL;DR Beer Review: Grimm Both Sides Now Wild Ale

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

TL;DR: Once again, Grimm delivers with a delightfully tart and effervescent sour.

Grimm is a wonderful brewery. I'll almost always buy their ales when I see the out in the wild (ha, get it?) and Both Sides Now is no exception. Once again, Grimm delivers. The beer is an aged golden ale that is fermented on raspberries, apricots, and peaches and left in oak barrels. Immediately, the barrel aging stood out to me since barrel aging a sour really elevates the experience and adds a great complexity to the beer. I don't know how long Grimm keeps beer in their barrels but I love whatever they've done here.

Both Sides Now pours a beautiful rhubarb red with just a hint of pink to it. Up front, it starts with a sharp tartness, a cherry-heavy nose and a smooth mouthfeel. The oak flavor from the barrel-aging really kicks in in the middle, slowly mellows out through the back end and finishes summery and sweet, leaving a mild acidity to polish off the sip. Overall, the beer imparts qualities of a traditional flemish sour blended with a light framboise and has a frothy and effervescent mouthfeel.

Both Sides Now is a great sour for someone who wants a little more complexity than your run of the mill 15-pack sour. The barrel aging makes a huge difference and gives the beer a little dryness to balance out the sweet stone fruit it ferments on. This is another win from Grimm and I might grab another while I can. According to Beer Advocate, the beer is retired so if you are a sour drinker like myself, swing by our store and grab one before they're gone.

Author: Desmond O'Neil, beer enthusiast and co-manager of KOP Beer Outlet

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